With Camouflage Cream, it is possible to completely cover the innate or acquired skin irregularities, such as pigmentation marks, translucent veins, tattoos or pompoms.

The highly pigmented masking cream adheres reliably to the skin, can be perfectly blended and fixed with the Camouflage Fixing Powder sweat, wipe and waterproof.

Also ideal for bridal and photo make-ups.

professional tip

Pretreatment: clean the skin, apply day cream and let it soak in. Then dab the skin gently with a paper towel. Covering: Apply CAMOUFLAGE CREAM with the fingertips to the areas of the skin to be covered and gently pat in. Proceed over a large area and incorporate the transitions. For larger skin areas to be covered spread over the entire face. Fix: CAMOUFLAGE FIXING POWDER dust thoroughly and leave for 10 minutes. Carefully remove the excess powder with a brush. Remove: Apply HY-ÖL® to the camouflage areas and distribute thoroughly. Then remove with paper towels. Then clean as usual with HY-ÖL® and PHYTOACTIVE.

Existing reviews

Perfekte Abdeckung!

From: Lisa Date: 22 February 2018

Ich hatte noch nie ein Produkt, was Unebenheiten oder sonstiges soooo gut und langanhaltend abgedeckt hat! Bin mehr als zufrieden damit!

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