Against the most common signs of aging - BABOR ReVersive Pro Youth!

With the care series, your skin is protected against this. For more youthfulness, firm, firm and smooth skin!

This serum for all skin types contains highly effective substances that reactivate the youthfulness of your skin.
The innovative power peptide ensures radiant and vitalized skin in the morning.


The skin becomes visibly firmer, firmer and smoother.
In addition, it is intensely moisturized - for more suppleness, a refined, more even and radiant complexion with a youthful complexion!
The microcirculation is stimulated and the skin is thus supplied with more energy.

BABOR laboratories developed the exclusive PRO YOUTH Complex to fight against the most common signs of aging. Loss of elasticity, wrinkling and lack of charisma are now a thing of the past!


Apply to the face, neck and décolleté every morning after cleansing, work in and let it soak in.
Then use the ReVersive Cream or Cream Rich.
Can also be used as a cure in the evening, when there is little sleep, in stressful phases or when traveling with a time difference.


Main active ingredients:

  • PRO YOUTH Complex
  • Power peptide

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