The 3D Hydro-Gel Face Mask with the synergy of hyaluronic acid and hexapeptide-8 and the Secon Skin technology for dry skin.
The moisture gel mask consists of 2 parts and can be optimally adapted to the individual facial contours.


Thanks to the hydrogel, the skin experiences a cooling freshness experience during the application.

Result: After 10-15 minutes, the skin appears radiant and fuller with a fresh skin feel.


1. Apply on clean, dry face.

2. Remove both parts of the hydrogel mask one at a time and peel off the protective film on both sides of the gel mask.
Place a part of the mask around the mouth or eye area and smooth it out.

3. After approx. 10-15 minutes exposure time, remove the hydrogel mask.
Massage leftovers gently and then apply the usual facial care.

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