Couperose Serum is specifically formulated to reduce and prevent the appearance of couperose, transient and persistent redness and translucent red capillaries.
Reddening of the skin is alleviated and the appearance of the skin visibly smoother. For an improved appearance in Couperose.
With 2% anti-redness complex in the serum the appearance of the couperose is visibly improved and the vessel elasticity is supported. Reddening of the skin appears moderated.

The DOCTOR BABOR Refine Cellular Series is ideal for enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, couperose and cellulite. Precise drug combinations correct these skin irregularities and smooth the skin structure, optimize radiance and compensate for the skin's hue.


Mornings and evenings: After cleansing, apply the Couperose Serum to reddened vaso-labile areas and work it into the skin.
Then apply the matching DOCTOR BABOR REFINE CELLULAR Couperose Cream.


Active ingredients:

  • Anti-Redness Complex
    • strengthens and stabilizes the capillary walls by optimizing collagen synthesis
    • protects the vessels by high antioxidant potential
    • Relieves redness by reducing the release of inflammatory mediators
    regulated on the fibroblast and the nitric oxide secretion on the macrophage (regulates the dilation of the blood vessels) is reduced
  • Horse chestnut extract: stimulates microcirculation and strengthens the vessel walls
  • Calendula Extract: intense soothing; Strengthens the natural skin barrier
  • allantoin
  • panthenol

Existing reviews

Couperose wird besser

From: Yvonne Date: 15 February 2018

Meine Haut ist durch das Serum nicht mehr ganz so gerötet

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